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Art & Japanese Culture

Elegance in Japanese Art: Edo Rinpa Bird and Flower Painting

WAGASHI : The Art of Japanese Confectionery

 A Victorian Flower Album

Dark & Fetish Art

Kimono and the Colors of Japan (New Printing Edition)

Yokai Wonderland - More from YUMOTO Koichi Collection: Supernatural Beings in Japanese Art -

Beautiful Scenes from a Fantasy World: Background Illustrations and Scenes from Anime and Manga Works

Romantic Princess Style: A Collection of Art by Macoto Takahashi

The Art of Fantasy, Sci-fi and Steampunk

The Art of the Dinosaur : Illustrations by the Top Paleoartists in the World

Hell in Japanese Art

The Art of Decadence: European Fantasy Art of the Fin-de-Siècle°°

Animals by Kuniyoshi: Ukiyo-e Paper Book

Christian Boltanski<br>Animitas – Les âmes qui murmurent<br>

A Thousand and One Nights: The Art of Folklore, Literature, Poetry, Fashion & Book Design of the Islamic World

Bonsai, Reprint Edition

The World of Mucha: A Journey to Two Fairylands: Paris and Czech

French Antique Textiles: Collections Made and Imported by Mulhouse, Toiles de Jouy and Souleiado

Jakuchu: The 300th Anniversary of his Birth

Something Wicked from Japan: Ghosts, Demons & Yokai in Ukiyo-e Masterpieces

Alain Grée: Works by the French Illustrator from the 1960s-70s

The World of Aquirax Uno°«s Fantasy Illustrations

Beautiful Book Designs: From the Middle Ages to the Mid 20th Century

Erotica in Japanese Contemporary Art II: Contemporary Art, Hyperrealism, Photography and Steampunk

Surprise! by Kuniyoshi: Ukiyo-e Paper Book

Cats by Kuniyoshi: Ukiyo-e Paper Book

TAISHO KIMONO: Beauty of Japanese Modernity in 1910s & 20s

Shunga - Aesthetics of Japanese Erotic Art by Ukiyo-e Masters

Japanese Erotica in Contemporary Art: Paintings, Illustrations, Dolls and more

Harry Clarke: An Imaginative Genius in Illustrations and Stained-glass Arts

The Art of Japanese Dyeing Patterns: Kamawanu Collection of Tenugui: Japanese Cotton Cloth

Aubrey Beardsley: The Decadent Magician of the Light and the Darkness

Dreaming Girls: Art Collection of Macoto Takahashi

Traditional Japanese Patterns and Motifs

Yokai Museum: The Art of Japanese Supernatural Beings from YUMOTO Koichi Collection

Manga: The Pre-History of Japanese Comics

Mushroom Botanical Art

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Aug/2019 release in USA/Europe
Retrospective Scenes from a Sentimental World
Retrospective Scenes from a Sentimental World
more detail
This third book in the background illustration series takes us on a sentimental journey through the scenes of our most cherished memories

Do you remember a moment in your life when you wished the time would stop? Artwork in this book captures precious moments such as these, evoking your own precious memories that you cherish in your heart.

The artwork showcased in this book illustrates sentimental moments with delicate colors and unique angles, looking back at those moments when you were alone with your crush after school, or the path that you took with your childhood best friend, the unforgettably beautiful views from summers long gone, and the rain-splashed window you gazed out from after your first broken heart. In a departure from the first title in the series, Everyday Scenes from a Parallel World, this title focuses on more touching, delicate and emotional scenes, gathering together a collection of cityscapes, countryside, a beach, a classroom after school, and a building rooftop at dawn and dusk, sunrise and sunset. Furthermore, each artist°«s strong sense of depth and transparency successfully illustrates the fragility and preciousness of life.

Featuring 23 artists who are quickly gaining popularity on social media in Japan (including 13 creators who have been newly added for this book), we guarantee that this book will touch readers°« heartstrings and will inspire all kinds of artists and comic illustration fans.
Author : PIE International (Editor)
Size : 250°Ŗ260mm
Pages : 160 pages (Full Color)
Binding : Softbound
Release Date : Nov/2018
Language : J/E bilingual
Publisher : PIE International
Price : $2,600.00
Asia and Australia Only
The Art of Fairy Tale Illustrations in Black and White: Masterpiece Collection from the Golden Age of Illustrations
The Art of Fairy Tale Illustrations in Black and White:  Masterpiece Collection from the Golden Age of Illustrations
more detail
A treasure box of light and shadow, a fantasy world in black and white

Before innovations in printing and photographic technology were introduced to the world, black and white illustration was the only way to visualize the scenes from children°«s books and novels. Because it took a lot of skill to produce rarefied, detailed-oriented black and white illustrations, it is said that the 19th century was the time when illustrators°« drawing technique was at its height. That is why the mid- to late 19th century is considered the golden age of black and white illustration. At the same time, it was also the last age of glory for black and white illustrations. This book collects masterpieces by many highly respected illustrators from that era, featuring artists such as John Tenniel, who was the illustrator for Alice°«s Adventures in Wonderland (1865) and Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There (1871); Kay Nielsen, the Danish illustrator who contributed to the publication of Fairy Tales by Hans Andersen (1924) and Hansel and Gretel, and Other Stories (1925); and Aubrey Beardsley, the influential illustrator and a contributor to the Art Nouveau movement who is known especially for his drawings for Oscar Wilde's play Salome. John Tenniel has contributed to Punch (or The London Charivari), the legendary British weekly magazine of humor and satire, and many illustrations from Punch are showcased in this book, as well.

This carefully curated presentation of a world in monochrome will make many readers realize and be amazed by the power each line has in these black and white illustrations. You will find many new discoveries you might have not noticed before when compared with color illustrations.

It is not too much to say that the black and white illustration of this time is the origin of today°«s animation, manga and other artworks. Hiroshi Unno, author of PIE International°«s art collection series, has gathered this definitive collection together with thorough introductions of the origin of each illustration. This book will be a must-have not only for art lovers but also for professional illustrators.
Author : Text by Hiroshi Unno
Size : 257°Ŗ186mm
Pages : 352Pages
Binding : Softbound
Release Date : Nov/2018
Language : Japanese
Publisher : PIE International
Price : $3,200.00
April 2019 release in the US / Europe
Yokai Storyland: Illustrated Books from the YUMOTO Koichi Collection
Yokai Storyland: Illustrated Books from the YUMOTO Koichi Collection
more detail
The absurd and surreal world of Yokai is back with full of stories to tell

Following the success of Yokai Musuem and Yokai Wonderland, we are proud to publish Yokai Storyland, the third book from Yumoto Koichi, renowned Yokai art collector who collects around 4,000 art works ranging from paintings, sculptures, books, magazines, toys and many more.

In response to great demand from readers wanting to know more details about the meaning, background and stories behind each illustration, this time we have focused on collecting Yokai story books and manga. Very rare, never-before-seen materials (books/manga) are showcased in an immersive full-size, full-page format to give a more realistic feeling. They are all accompanied by full translations and notes to make the content of the manga more accessible to readers. Yokai Storyland will be a treasure trove of information for those who are eager to know everything in detail about Yokai stories. It also presents Japanese culture from a whole new and different perspective.

This book is divided into three chapters.
Chapter 1 explores the world of Yokai stories in the Edo and Meiji periods by introducing seven stories.
Chapter 2 sheds a light on a quirky manga from the Edo period titled Jinmen-Zoshi (The Book of Faces). This manga was briefly introduced in Yokai Wonderland but only in a few pages with small images. But in this book, it is introduced in full-size, full-page format and with a full translation. All the characters have the same comical look, which is supposed to be cute but actually gives an uncanny, strange, and even frightening impression. The art works show these strange characters entertaining themselves in the city of Edo, but little is actually known about The Book of Faces beyond these depictions, including the origins of these characters.
Chapter 3 is a Yokai encyclopedia featuring around fifteen characters selected from the book, fully introduced and explained.

About the author
Koichi Yumoto (b.1950) : Collector and researcher of Yokai art. Former curatorial director of the Kawasaki City Museum.

About the YUMOTO Koichi Collection
The largest personal collection of Yokai art in Japan: around 4,000 works which range from the Edo period to the present day. These include painting, woodbock prints, scrolls, ceramics, kimonos, wooden sculptures, magazines, children's toys, board games, and more. The collection will be housed in the new Yokai Museum (tentative name) in Miyoshi city, Hiroshima Prefecture, which is planned to open to the public by April 2019.
Author : Koichi Yumoto
Size : 257°Ŗ182mm
Pages : 224 Pages (Full color)
Binding : Softbound
Release Date : Sep/2018
Language : J/E bilingual
Publisher : PIE International
Price : $2,400.00
Asia and Australia Only
Patchwork: The Art of Keisin
Patchwork: The Art of Keisin
more detail
The Long-awaited illustration collection by Keishin

This stunning art collection showcases illustrated works of an outstanding illustrator, Keisin, including all artwork from Keisin°«s early career to the latest works. Keisin is a popular illustrator who does book cover illustrations and anime character designs for Panasonic, as well. Hear artworks receive 200K views on pixiv and 20K likes on Twitter daily. The beauty of the girls in Keisin°«s illustration is highly admired by other professionals in the industry. She is one of the main contributors of the how-to draw girls in manga style book, Bishoujyo-sakuga (KADOKAWA Publishing) and Seifuku-shoujyo (Maar Publishing). This book is sure to be equally inspiring to Keisin fans and those who are new to her distinctive illustration works.
Author : Keisin
Size : 257°Ŗ182mm
Pages : 128Pages° Full Color°ň
Binding : Softbound
Release Date : Aug/2018
Language : Japanese
Publisher : PIE International
Price : $2,000.00
Jun/2019 release in the US/Europe°°
KIKANETSU: The Art of DaisukeRichard
KIKANETSU: The Art of DaisukeRichard
more detail
The world of expressionless girls on the verge of adulthood living in rooms where reality and fantasy blend

Daisuke Richard is a Japanese illustrator who has 101K followers on Twitter and 679K followers on Instagram. He is quickly gaining popularity among young people and merchandise such as T-shirts and bags featuring his illustrations are always instant best sellers.

The distinctive factor in his work is high school girls in languid poses that arise from the uncertainty that is peculiar to girls during adolescence. Girls in his work show expressionless faces and the artist intentionally makes it hard to gauge their emotions. But the way that the artist presents the subject – depicting the uncertainty felt in adolescence, while at the same time celebrating these youths through pale shades of color and unique composition – is definitely something that resonates with teenage girls. Pale colors give an impression of the fragility and sweetness of young girls, while each work°«s unique composition shows the girls dwelling alone in between the two incompatible worlds of adulthood and childhood.

This is his first artwork collection showcasing over 170 artworks, including never-before-seen original artworks, remakes of already published artworks, and rough sketches. This book also includes interesting features like the °»motif collection°…, the °»making of 170cm cover art illustrations°…. This book will surely inspire DaisukeRichard fans and those who are new to his distinctive illustrated works alike.
Author : DaisukeRichard
Size : 220°Ŗ182mm
Pages : 160Pages° 152Pages in color°ň
Binding : Softbound
Release Date : Aug/2018
Language :
Publisher : PIE International
Price : $1,980.00