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Fancy Pop Design

Innovative Local Designers Profiles

Shop Renovation Graphics°°

Cute Hand-drawn Patterns: A Collection of Ready-to-Use Background Patterns (with DVD-ROM)

MJ Illustrations Book 2017

Make It Visible: Informative & Cool Infographics: Maps, Charts, Pictograms & More

Gotta Have It!: The Best Packaging Designs of Hit Products

Third Wave Design: Cool Coffee-inspired Designs for an Easygoing, Natural Lifestyle

SMALL SHOP PRINTINGS: Striking Designs for Shop cards, Direct Mailings & Flyers for Small Businesses

Designs that Grab Families°« Attention

London: Beautiful Designs on the Street Corner<br>Shop Interior, Wrapping Tools, Catalogues, and more

Numbers in Advertising Design: A Handbook for Designers with a Good Eye for Numbers

Little Presses & Small Magazines in Japan: Publications to Promote Local Communities

Branding, Revealed: Ways to Build a Stronger Brand Image

Applied Typography 26

Come to My Town! : Effective Designs to Promote Local Communities

Creativity is Born: Issey Miyake & Reality Lab.

Nihongo Logo 2

Wagokoro Design: Ideas of the Latest Japanese Style Designs

Advertising Design by Layout Technique

Small Shop Graphics in Japan: 87 Inspirational Design Ideas

Erik Bruun: Finnish Graphic Designer

MAP MANIA: Ideas of Effective Map Design

Japanese Font Library with Examples

Successful Before and After Designs in Local Communities: Renewals to Activate the Regional Industry

Finland Design by Great Masters

SOU°¶SOU  Textile Design Collection: 380 Patterns from Kyoto

Avant-Garde Graphics in Russia: Posters, Book Design, Children Books, Typography and more

Comic Mix Design: Advertising, Promotional Tool and Packagings featuring Comics and Animation

Branding Today: Effective Branding Process to Create New Value

PARIS: Beautiful Designs on the Street Corner  -   Shop Interior, Wrapping Tools, Catalogues, and more

More Designs of Paper Folding for POP-UP: Samples and Templates for Cards and Crafts

A New Trend in Letterpress Printing

Shop Image Graphics in Tokyo+

HISUI SUGIURA°ßA Pioneer of Japanese Graphic Design

Yurio Seki's Designs and Patterns

Japanese Style Materials: Japanese Style Materials Background Patterns (with DVD-ROM)

Drawing and Handwriting Textures; Ready-to-Use Frames and Background Patterns (with DVD-ROM)

Ornament and Initial: Beauty of Graphic Design, 17-20th Century

Tadanori Yokoo: Complete Book Designs

Retro Designs of Japan: Ready-to-Use Ornaments and Frames (with DVD-ROM)

Traditional Japanese Stencil Patterns (with DVD/ROM): 1,600 images of Ise Katagami from Isetan Mitsukoshi collection

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Size : 285°Ŗ210mm
Pages : 240 Pages (Full Color)
Binding :
Release Date :
Language :
Publisher : PIE International
Price : $0.00
Release date in Europe: April / 2018
Tips for Great Designs Using Only Colors, Shapes, Patterns & Letters
Tips for Great Designs Using Only Colors, Shapes, Patterns & Letters
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Effective design ideas that rely on patterns, colors, shapes and letters for visual impact instead of photography and illustrations

All designers have faced the challenge of creating high-impact, visually attractive designs while intentionally avoiding design elements such as photographs or illustrations. This book showcases a wide variety of effective designs that have been created using clever arrangement of design elements such as the letters, lines, squares, circles, color combinations and patterns.
Size : 255°Ŗ190mm
Pages : 272Pages° Full Color°ň
Binding : Softbound
Release Date : Aug/2017
Language : Japanese
Publisher : PIE International
Price : $5,800.00
Release date in Europe: Jan/2018
Paul Cox: Design and Art
Paul Cox: Design and Art
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A look at the charming graphical works and lifestyle of Paul Cox

Born in 1959, Paul Cox is a multi-talented French artist who is well known for his graphic design, illustration and stage art. In 1999, he won the Bologna Ragazzi Award in Fiction at the Bologna Children°«s Book Fair.

Cox°«s artworks are all charming graphic designs. This collection showcases his various works, which were released primarily in France and Japan. Ranging from advertisements for Opéra national de Lorraine à Nancy, the Japanese brand MUJI in Paris and the Hokuriku bullet train in Japan, to unique publications on lettering and shapes, Cox°«s humorous drawings, bright color combinations and characteristic human touch combine to create a graphic design style that is all his own.

This title also features a look at Cox°«s lifestyle by introducing his favorite things at home, rough sketches and an interview with the artist. This is sure to be a treasured collection for Paul Cox fans everywhere, as well as a good reference for those studying design and art.
Author : Paul Cox
Size : 257°Ŗ182mm
Pages : 224 Pages (Full Color)
Binding : Softbound
Release Date : Aug/2017
Language : Japanese, some English
Publisher : PIE International
Price : $2,900.00
Break the Mold! Seasonal Event Graphics
Break the Mold! Seasonal Event Graphics
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A collection of seasonal graphics to make this year°«s holiday and annual event promotions the freshest and most original yet.

Seasonal events – by their very nature – come around every year, and the designs of advertisements, posters, flyers and direct mailings for such holidays and annual events all tend to look the same. Graphic designers and advertisers know how difficult it is to catch customers°« attention using such standard designs. But what°«s the alternative? How do we catch a customer°«s eye without using the same old designs? How do we come up with a new idea for this next assignment?

Break the Mold! Seasonal Event Graphics helps designers, illustrators and advertisers do just that by showcasing unique and original creative works that break the mold of standard seasonal designs. Arranged by season, the designs featured in this book appeal more effectively to audiences by using various motifs, layouts and color combinations in fresh ways that are sure to make this year°«s events anything but the same old thing.
Size : 297°Ŗ210 mm
Pages : 304Pages (Full Color)
Binding : Softbound
Release Date : Jul/2017
Language : Japaese
Publisher : PIE International
Price : $9,200.00
Small Company Branding with Big Personality
Small Company Branding with Big Personality
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Introducing unique marketing content from catalogs and flyers of small companies.

Catalogs are mainly used for introducing a company°«s products, but they can be an effective tool to build a strong brand. This book showcases over 100 unique ideas for marketing content taken from catalogs and flyers produced by small companies.

From the use of particular papers to including unique features, such as short stories about designs and photographers, there are so many possibilities for creative content that can help describe a company and its products more effectively. This book is a useful and enjoyable guide for any designer, editor or PR professional.


Size : 300°Ŗ224mm
Pages : 224 Pages (Full Color)
Binding : Softbound
Release Date : Jun/2017
Language : Japanese
Publisher : PIE International
Price : $5,800.00