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Japanese Color History Encyclopedia

Japanese Color History Encyclopedia
The first Japanese color history encyclopedia organized by era!

When did the beautiful traditional Japanese colors originate? What kind of color was popular in each era? The author, Kazuo Jo, a university professor who has been engaged in color research and education for many years, provides the answer to these questions and more in this unique approach to color history. The book¡Çs approach is defined by epoch, in that it is the first book that introduces the ¡Ècolor¡È of each era by tracing the abundant history of Japanese color culture. Why not explore the history of Japanese color for yourself with this book?
Author : Kazuo Jo
Size¡§257 ¡ß 186 mm
Pages¡§368 pages
Release Date : Apr/2020
Language : Japanese
Publisher : PIE International
Price : $3,500.00
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