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Herbarium Interiors and Decor

Herbarium Interiors and Decor
How to make interior designs and décor with Herbarium

Herbarium is a new way to appreciate the beauty of flowers. Choose from a variety of ways to make your own unique and beautiful herbarium, whether by arranging dried flowers in an oil-filled glass bottle, or by framing the flowers for use as a wall decoration, and much more. This book showcases over 20 different kinds of herbarium interiors with instructions of how to make each one. This book is full of inspiration for creating one-of-a-kind home decorations.
Author : errer
Pages:112Pages(Full Color)
ISBN:978-4-7562-5023-0 C2077
Release Date : Apr/2018
Language : Japanese
Publisher : PIE International
Price : $1,600.00
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