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Cat Whisker pads

Cat Whisker pads
Tiny Nose! Fluffy whisker pad! Chubby cheek!

This is the third title of our cat photography books series. Following to the success of Cat Paws and Cat feet, this time we focused on another cute body part of cats that drive people crazy¡Ýwhisker pads! Tiny nose, fluffy whisker pads, chubby cheeks, collecting pictures of more than 40 cats from cat lover¡Çs Instagram, Twitter, and blogs, this book will melt your heart with tons of cute pictures!
Author : PIE International (Editor)
Pages¡§88Pages¡ÊFull Color¡Ë
ISBN¡§978-4-7562-5075-9 £Ã0072
Release Date : Jun/2018
Language : Japanese
Publisher : PIE International
Price : $920.00
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