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Vector Graphics – New Retro Graphic Design Archive

Vector Graphics – New Retro Graphic Design Archive
The definitive must-have vector graphics decorations and motifs reference for professionals

Vector graphics are made up of various shapes drawn by lines or curves calculated by mathematical equations (also known as vector paths). Various shapes comprising vector graphics can be modified, removed and transformed to create different graphic designs in illustration software such as Adobe Illustrator. This book showcases simple but versatile decorations and motifs that are highly inspirational and practical for professional graphic designers. This book also showcases cost-effective printing examples and tutorials on how to select beautiful fonts.

#CD-ROM (for Windows/Mac) attached.
#Data format:Adobe Illustrator Artwork (AI) CS and later & JPEG
Author : PIE International (Editor)
Pages:144 Pages (Full color) with CD-ROM
Release Date : Mar/2019
Language : Japanese
Publisher : PIE International
Price : $3,200.00