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Classic & Fresh Retro Style Design

Classic & Fresh Retro Style Design
A rich collection of new and inspiring retro designs

Retro and vintage graphic design always offer great inspiration to creators who are struggling every day to create something new and fresh. The most remarkable effect of using the retro design is that it gives any design a certain sense of nostalgia and an immediate sense of appeal to the audience. The key to any successful adaptation of retro, classic, or vintage motifs and design is to mix those elements with a modern spirit to make them more attractive to modern audiences. This book showcases over a hundred stunning designs that are highly inspired by retro graphic design but also show a fresh, modern take on the old classics.
Author : PIE International (Editor)
Pages:224Pages(Full Color)
Release Date : Feb/2019
Language : Japanese
Publisher : PIE International
Price : $3,990.00
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