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Sep/2019 release in the US and Europe 

Buddhas in the Palm of Your Hand

Buddhas in the Palm of Your Hand
Images of Buddhist icons that fit the palm of your hand with soothing words that bring acceptance and relieve suffering

This 96-page handy pocket-sized hardcover book is a collection of passages from Buddhist scripture, Japanese prayers and poetry concerning human affliction and suffering written by past generations. These passages are shown together with 46 images of Buddhist icons such as statues, clay molded reliefs decorated interiors of temples, miniature pagodas, pagoda-shaped reliquaries and woodblock prints. In this charming format, which fits in the palm of your hand, the images of small Buddhas, supplemented by the words of the Buddha and famous historical monks such as Kūkai and Saigyō, will relieve emotional suffering and give the reader peace of mind. It will heal those who are stressed, depressed, those who are grieving and anyone else who is searching for a ray of hope.

The artworks featured, including 10 works that are designated as important cultural properties, have been selected from the Nara National Museum and Tokyo National Museum. All scripts are translated into English, along with the description of the artworks at the end of the book (name, size, material, excavation location, etc.). Art direction is by Kazuya Takaoka, who has previously designed Hell in Japanese Art (9784756249234) and Wagashi (9784756249746). The introduction was written by Mutsuo Takahashi, who has written the text for Wagashi. This will be an important reference book not just for people who want to be healed but also for Japanese art fans, students of Buddhism, antique collectors and gallery owners, as well.

Foreword by Mutsuo Takahashi
English translation by Michael Jamentz
Pages:96 Pages (Full Color)
Release Date : Dec/2018
Language : J/E bilingual
Publisher : PIE International
Price : $1,400.00
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