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Nostalgic Boy: The Art of NOEYEBROW

Nostalgic Boy: The Art of NOEYEBROW
100% pure Shonen illustrations

The illustrator NOEYEBROW, the master of °»Shonen°… illustration (of young boys under 18), is the artist everyone is talking about on social media and at COMITIA (the biggest Dojinshi event in Japan). This is NOEYEBROW°«s first commercial art collection book featuring 38 original illustrations, including past works, some new original works, and original character introductions. The charming facial expressions of young °»shonen°… boys having fun, but also sometimes looking sentimental, on their summer vacation, at their secret base, or at mountains or beach side will definitely cause MOE crushes in some Anime/Manga fans, making this book a must-have collector°«s item.

Pages°ß128 pages (Full color)
Release Date : Apr/2019
Language : Japanese
Publisher : PIE International
Price : $1,800.00
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