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February 2020 release in the US / EuropeĦĦ

The Art of Munashichi

The Art of Munashichi
Illustrated with overwhelming fineness, this is a world you wish you could visit

Munashichi is an illustrator who became popular drawing steampunk-like fantasy worlds with an overwhelming fineness and detail. Munashichi is well known in the anime and gaming industry for the concept design for the acclaimed video games Tales of Zestiriaand Tales of Berseria, the concept artwork for the anime television series Princess Principals, which was licensed by Sentai Filmworks in North America and MVM films in UK. Gigantic, sky-high buildings, deeply extended caverns, complexly crossed pipes, factory scenes, abandoned places and nostalgic townscapes are themes commonly seen in MunashichiĦÇs illustrations. This book includes MunashichiĦÇs past illustration works, concept images for games and anime series, original works and newly drawn illustrations just for this book.

This is a type of a book which you will always find something new every time you look back. Each illustration will tell you a different story. You will never want to come back from the world of Munashichi.

Author : Munashichi
PagesĦ§224p (4C 200p)
Release Date : May/2019
Language : J/E bilingual
Publisher : PIE International
Price : $2,200.00
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