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Nov/2019 release Worldwide°°

ETERNAL: Ilya Kuvshinov Illustration Works

ETERNAL: Ilya Kuvshinov Illustration Works
The second collection from Ilya Kuvshinov, the illustrator with magical colors

Following the worldwide success of Momentary (9784756248756), we are proud to present this second collection from Ilya Kuvshinov. This book collects popular artworks the artist posted on social media, which were created after Momentary was published. After the success of Momentary, Ilya has gained popularity and has done some exhibitions and commercial works. One of the most prestigious jobs Ilya was offered was as the character and visual designer for the anime °»Birthday Wonderland°… (directed by Keiichi Hara; Crayon Shin-chan series). This talented illustrator, who was influenced by many Japanese artists, now has 1.5 million followers worldwide on Instagram, and is established as an influencer of other illustrators around the world.

As in the previous title, this book uses special printing technology to reproduce the beautiful colors of Ilya°«s CG illustrations, enhancing the possibility of 4-color printing. Since social media is the main platform where Ilya presents the works, the previous book was in a square format. But this time, to have more variety and include illustrations that are not a square size, we have produced this book in a larger format.

[Artist bio]
Ghost in the Shell was Ilya°«s first encounter with Japanese Anime. This totally new experience, at the age of 6, gave Ilya a shock and made Ilya delve into the world of Anime and Manga. Ilya started learning how to draw from age 11 and studied architecture at University in Moscow. But in order to seek a career in a creative field, Ilya joined a game developing company. Then Ilya move on to work as a concept artist and a director at motion comic company and produced Anime-like motion pictures. At the same time Ilya started posting illustrations on social media. In 2014, Ilya decided to move to Japan to build a career in a country that he had long dreamed of working in. In 2016, Ilya published Momentary which became an instant bestseller and made his name in the industry.
Author : Ilya Kuvshinov
Size°ß235 °Ŗ 188mm/9.3 °Ŗ 7.4"
Pages°ß224Pages ° Full color°ň
Release Date : Nov/2019
Language : J/E bilingual
Publisher : PIE International
Price : $2,300.00