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100 Writing and Crafting Papers
Flowers and Animals from Fairyland

100 Writing and Crafting Papers <br/>Flowers and Animals from Fairyland
A new title from the bestselling °»100 Writing and Crafting Papers°… series featuring cute flowers, little birds and many other animals.

From flowers, birds and animals, to lace designs and cute, seasonal motifs, this book collects the cutest illustrations of Tomoko Tashiro, who is best known for her bestselling °»Fairy Tale Coloring Book°… (978-4-7562-4582-3), which has sold more than 300 thousand copies worldwide. Each page is removable and, as with other titles in the series, can be used in various ways (to write a letter, do origami, wrap a gift, cut and paste, decorate or frame°ńand more). Each illustrations features a fairy tale-like pattern that will bring joy and happiness to anyone who loves flowers and animals from magical realms.
Size°ß148 °Ŗ 210 mm
Pages°ß216 pages (Full Color)
Release Date : Feb/2020
Language : Japanese
Price : $1,680.00
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