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Welcome to the Peculiar Antique Shop
The Art of Makurakurama

Welcome to the Peculiar Antique Shop<br>The Art of Makurakurama
The first art collection of Makurakurama.

Makurakurama is an up-and-coming creator who became an instant star upon the release of the short story comic The Peculiar Antique Shop: Plague Doctor and Mrs. Antlers on Twitter (to the artist”Ēs 77K followers) in 2018.
The world of Makurakurama is full of darkness and beauty. The owners, guests, neighbors, and other characters that appear in the antique shop suffer from grief, fear, or pain in their minds. The gothic-style costumes and motifs, such as skeletons, dolls, corpses, taxidermy and natural specimens, and of course love, lends a dark, fantastical atmosphere to the stories. But these stories never become an incurable tragedy. Makurakurama”Ēs refined brush work and the sense of hope, of finding light in the darkness, always brings a redemptive element to the stories.
This book is the first art collection of Makurakurama with short stories, comics and illustrations. Even those who know nothing about Makurakurama will be fascinated by these stories, which are never as despairing and painful as they first seem and even end in happiness. Why not ring the bell of peculiar antique shop and see for yourself?
Author : Makurakurama
SizeӤ210 x 148 mm
PagesӤ128 pages
Release Date : Nov/2019
Language : Japanese
Publisher : PIE International
Price : $1,800.00
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