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100 Cats, 100 Minds

100 Cats, 100 Minds
A collection of 100 °»best cats°… in the world.

°»All cats are cute, but the best cat in the world is my cat°…. Everyone who lives with a cat probably thinks that way. This book gathers together photos of one hundred °»best cats in the world°… that have become everyone°«s favorite through their following on social media. Each cat is introduced with a main °»head shot°… photo, featuring its adorable face, along with its other loveable features: cute pink paws, twitching whiskers, chubby belly, round eyes, pointed ears, rumpled nose, and more.
Although these feline favorites might all be lumped together as °»cats°…, they come in every shape and size. This book will surely fascinate the cat lovers with its collection of the °»best of the best°… cat photos and also will make the cat owners want to cherish their own family cat more than before.
Size°ß150 x 150 mm
Pages°ß108 pages (Full Color)
Release Date : Feb/2020
Language : Japanese
Price : $1,200.00
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