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    100 Writing and Crafting Papers:
    Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten

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    Traditional yet modern Japanese textile designs and illustrations are now featured in PIE’s 100 papers series!

    This title showcases a careful selection of beautiful textile designs and illustrations from Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten’s archives . Various textured papers are included alongside images of the prints. As an added feature, 100 removable papers can be used as special craft paper, stationery, wrapping paper, and more.

    Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten, Co., Ltd.
    Founded in 1716 in the historic Nara, Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten has been trading in hand-spun, hand-woven hemp fabric ever since. The company is now expanding as a specialty retailer of private label apparel (SPA) and is opening shops across Japan. The company offers“new tools for living” based on Japanese wisdom and traditions passed on through the ages and actively supports the skills and passions of artisans in each locale.

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    • Size:148×210mm
    • Pages:208 Pages(Full Color)
    • Binding:Softbound
    • Publisher:PIE International
    • Language:Japanese
    • ISBN:978-4-7562-4969-2 C0070
    • Author:Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten

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