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    Girls Illustration:
    A cutting-edge Moe art book of girls, for girls

    Price : $29.95
    Online bookstores

    A stunning collection of illustrations that are full of girlishness

    This is the ultimate art collection book for anyone who loves cute/kawaii fashion, delicious sweets, dreamy doll houses, fluffy animals, beautiful flowers, and fairy tales. Using supremely feminine themes and motifs, twenty-nine Japanese illustrators, who are all quickly gaining popularity on social media, explore and illustrate their own Moe fantasy worlds.
    We guarantee that anyone who is girlish at heart will fall in love with the illustrations in this book and feel the wonderfully Moe sensation of butterflies in their stomach that comes with a girl crush. This extremely girlish collection will appeal to all Manga/Anime art lovers and the fans of each illustrator alike, and is sure to bring creators and illustrators great inspiration.
    • Size:257×186mm
    • Pages:160Pages(Full Color)
    • Binding:Softbound
    • Publisher:PIE International
    • Language:Japanese, some English
    • ISBN:978-4-7562-5198-5
    • Author:Various

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    Artist List

    Chiaki Ida / chiaki otonai / Chiaki Karamomo / yuki kawatsu / kukka / Himemi Sakamoto / Sakizo / Shikimi / London Sirosaki / SOMEMACHI / CHAKI / toinana / tono / Mana Nanakami / nanakawa / Naffy / nekosuke / HAI / haru / fouatons / hiromi Matsuo / Ayumi Miyama / Natsuka Murata / mokaffe / sorata mochimura / yufushi / YOGISYA / Yoshioka / ribata

    *Oct/2019 release in USA/Europe


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