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    My First Book of Etiquette and Manners

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    Published in July 2023

    Selling Points
    Practical manner picture book useful in every situation
    This book introduces manners that children should learn from childhood in five different situations: eating, daily life, going out, transportation, and preschool and school. By practicing these manners on a regular basis, children will develop a sense of consideration for others and will be able to maintain good relationships with friends and others around them. It is also ideal for preparation for entrance exams.

    What are manners?
    How to develop good manners
    Manners at meals
     Greetings and manners at meals
     Let's eat!
     How to hold a chopstick
     How to use a chopstick
     How to use Japanese tableware
      How to place dishes
      How to hold the chopsticks and bowls
      How to pick up a chopstick
      How to hold a chopstick and a bowl at the same time
     Let's eat Japanese food
      Grilled fish
      Rice bowl with lid
      Japanese sweets
     How to use Western tableware
      What not to do with a knife and fork
      How to place a knife and fork
      How to use a napkin
     Let's eat Western food
      Coffee and Tea
    Manners of Life
     personal grooming
      Washing face
      brush your teeth
      Going to the toilet
      going to the bathroom
      cut your nails
      wash your hands
      Before going out
      After going out
      Check your clothes
     Standing, Walking and Sitting
      How to stand
      How to sit/stand on a chair
      How to bow
      How to receive and give things to others
      Greetings at home
      Greetings outside
     Bowing and Conversation
      Giving a bow
      Various conversations
      Wash your body
      Soak in the bathtub
      Clean the bathroom
      Wipe your body
     Disposing of Garbage
     taking care of your personal belongings
      Closing the door
      Lighters and matches
     How to hold a pencil and pen
     Letter writing
      New Year's cards
     Seasonal Events
      New Year's Day
      Peach Festival
      Tango no Sekku
      New Year's Eve
    Manners for going out
     Department stores and supermarkets
      Around the cash register
      Elevators/ Escalators
      When you spill food
      In the room
     Movie theater
     Friend's house
      In your room
      After a feast
      Before you leave
    Traffic Manners
      On the Train
     Walking on the road
     Riding a Bicycle
    Manners at school and preschool
     Fun socializing
     Class time and recess
     Bento and School Lunch
     Staff room
    To Adults (Caretakers)
    • Size:240×210mm
    • Pages:80Pages(Full Color)
    • Binding:Hardbound
    • Publisher:PIE International
    • Language:Japanese
    • ISBN:978-4-7562-5683-6 C8737
    • Author:Author: Emi Sunai, Illustrator: Azusa Ishiyama

    If you are living outside of UK, please check the distributor/bookstore who covers your country.

    Author: Emi Sunai

    Representative of “Manners School Laibium” and “Manners School for Parents and Children” which are popular as “schools that produce results”. Author of the best-selling book, “What Only People with Good Upbringing Know”. After working as a trainer of VIP attendants for the Imperial Family and political and business circles, he established “Raibium Co. Ltd. where she teaches manners, behavior, conversation, and socializing. She is also popular for her lessons on table manners, buffet manners, and party manners. She has been praised by many of her students for her “Suuchi Magic,” which teaches “life-changing manners and etiquette. Suuchi’s “Parent-Child and Exam Preparation Classes” have been highly acclaimed by prestigious kindergartens and elementary schools, achieving a 95% success rate in passing their first-choice exams. The school has achieved a 95% first-choice acceptance rate and has achieved top acceptance at many prestigious schools. She has appeared in many media such as TV, magazines, and radio. He is also well known for teaching elegant gestures to actresses in movies and TV dramas. For more than ten years, she has been involved in social contribution activities such as job hunting support for people with hearing, limb, mental, and intellectual disabilities, and is highly trusted by the government. He is the author of “Raising a Good Family” (Mainichi Shimbun Publishing Co., Ltd.) and “More! What Only People with Good Upbringing Know” (Diamond Inc.), “Otonano Wakamiewo Kanaeru Shigusa to Furumai” (Daiwa Shobo), “Man’s Courtesy and Manners You Must Know” (SB Creative), and “Sekaiichi Utsukushii Furumai to Manner” (Takahashi Shoten), among others.


    Illustrator: Azusa Ishiyama

    Born in Osaka, Azusa Ishiyama is a manga artist appreciated for the warmth with which delicious-looking food is rendered in their illustrations. The illustrator received the Comic Award (Cooking Category) at the Cookbook Awards in Japan 2017 for the manga “Mayonaka Gohan” (Ohzora Publishing). Other manga include “Tsumamigui Bento” (Ohzora Publishing) and picture book illustrations include “Kuishinpo no kobutano guu guu” (Kyouikugageki), “Kyushoku-shitsu no ichinichi” (Shonen Shashin Shimbunsha) among others.


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