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    There was one tree.

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    Published in July 2023

    Selling Points
    Everyone is a tree. A picture book with a beautiful monochrome world that nurtures the imagination
    This book tells the story of the life of a cherry tree.
    It is written in the simplest possible language in a monochrome world drawn with a single pencil.
    The colors, sounds, smells, temperature, atmosphere, thoughts, and movements of the mind that can be felt in this world.
    The story is enriched by the sensibility of each reader.
    The story of a tree that overlaps with life quietly warms the reader's heart. This book is also a perfect gift. 

    Near a valley in the deep mountains
    There was an old cherry tree.
    Eventually, a storm breaks its branches and it is washed away into the valley,
    The branch breaks and is washed into the valley river.
    The tree floats down the river,
    And soon it is drifting in the ocean.
    No matter where you are or how you get there
    What is certain,
    That I am a tree.
    • Size:250×221mm
    • Pages:48Pages(monochrome printing)
    • Binding:Hardbound
    • Publisher:PIE International
    • Language:Japanese
    • ISBN:978-4-7562-5719-2 C8793
    • Author:Author: Shigenori Kusunoki, Illustrator: Taku Furuyama

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    Shigenori Kusunoki: Author of children’s literature. Lives in Tokushima Prefecture. His more than 200 works, including picture books “Okodade Masenyouni” and “Megane wo kaketara” (Shogakukan), “Ichinensei no ichinen kan” series (Kodansha), “Ee tokoro” (Gakken), “Tomodachi yamonna, Bokura” (Ehon no mori), which have appeared in textbooks, have been widely read overseas.

    Taku Furuyama: Painter and illustrator. Born in Iwate Prefecture. Lives in Miyagi Prefecture. Graduated from Tohoku Gakuin University, Department of History. After working as an animator and at an advertising production company, he has been active in a wide range of fields, from illustration to solo exhibitions and lectures. Books he has illustrated include “One Day in Your Life Changes the World” (PHP Kenkyujo) and “13 Blur Photos” (Iwanami Shoten).


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