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    Their Little World’s A Stage 1

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    Published in February 2024

    Selling Points
    A drama of love and youth among a group of ordinary boys gathered in the dormitory of a prestigious school, which also sometimes descends into double act comedy through interactions between tsukkomi (the straight man) and boke (the funny man).

    In a certain era in a country called Shichihoukoku, there is a boarding school where boys with prominent, though sometimes strange, backgrounds are gathered. In their everyday lives, the boys worry about their own existence, admire someone, hurt someone; sometimes mysterious things happen that are beyond human understanding. This manga is an ensemble drama by Yukimichi Oji, who is known for his unparalleled readability. Enjoy the world Oji creates through aesthetic brushstrokes and occasional double act humor.
    • Size:210×148mm
    • Pages:276Pages(4C・4Pages/1C・272Pages)
    • Binding:Softbound
    • Publisher:PIE International
    • Language:Japanese
    • ISBN:978-4-7562-5870-0 C0979
    • Author:Yukimichi Oji

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    Yukimichi Oji is an illustrator and manga artist. His work oozes an undeniable aesthetic sensibility and gag humor. Oji’s works include BL manga such as “Nightmare Catalog” (Akane Shinsha), “Onda Seijin” (Printemps Publishing), “Mendona Dokyo Hito” (Gentosha Comics), along with illustrations for erudite books and light novels.

    X: @mojamojaoji


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