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    ASIAN ILLUSTRATION Exhibition is held in D/ART Taipei

    ASIAN ILLUSTRATION Exhibition is held in D/ART Taipei

    "ASIAN ILLUSTRATION", a title focusing on up-and-coming Asian artists who are making the illustration world more exciting, has came back as an exhibition in Taipei!The exhibition started from March 6th. Hope many people visit and like it.

    ★Exhibition Detail
    Period: 2021 3/6-4/4
    Time: 13:30-21:00
    Place: d/art Taipei 3F
    Admission: NT$100
    Showcased Artists:
    Ahrong / Alle Page / Bakery00 / FKEY / GHARLIERA / grandia元 / GUWEIZ / illumi / INH / LOIZA / meyoco / NJ / NoriZC / Novelance / REDUM / RIRIFA / Sainker / SEONG RYUL / sheya / TREE13 / Zeen Chin / 口袋巧克力 / 幻電放映 / 王小洋 / 北橋澤 / 白川柏川 / 年年/何何舞 / 李彬 / 李超雄 / 邦喬彥 / 俊西JUNC / 飛行猴 / 孫無力 / 紋銀 / 葉鴉 / 蘇小五 / 鹹魚中下游

    ◆Related Title
    Price: ¥2,600 / $39.99 / £35.00
    Language: J/E Bilingual
    Publisher: PIE International
    *Available in US/Europe from June 2021

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