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    -English Edition-
    “Mushroom Botanical Art” is now available!

    -English Edition-<br/>“Mushroom Botanical Art” is now available!

    The bestselling collection of botanical drawings of mushrooms is now available in a new English edition!!


    This title contains botanical drawings of over 200 species of mushrooms and fungi by European and Japanese naturalists from the 18th to the 19th century. Toshimitsu Fukiharu, who earned his Ph.D. in Agriculture from Kyoto University and is now a curator at the Natural History Museum and Institute in Japan, presents these fantastic artworks, labeling every drawing with their scientific names, especially for this edition. Also included is a forward by Eugenia Bone, a well-known nature and food journalist who is also an admirer of Mr. Fukiharu’s work.

    Each of the illustrations in this collection shows the plant in its habitat. Executed in a straightforward natural history painting style with meticulous attention to detail, the beautiful color plate paintings of each mushroom will appeal to botanical art fans and mushroom lovers alike. And for those who are unfamiliar with the world of fungi, this book offers a way to learn more a little about them. Careful attention to the beauty of these mushroom illustrations reveals the different painting styles between European and Japanese biological drawings, making this book an enjoyable and helpful resource for artists looking to develop their drawing and painting skills.

    See more details and inner pages of this book HERE!

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