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    【第4回】5月26日 広州市民、「リアル」と出会う Day2 / 【Vol.4】May 26th – People in Guangzhou encounters the Real – Day 2

    【第4回】5月26日 広州市民、「リアル」と出会う Day2 / 【Vol.4】May 26th – People in Guangzhou encounters the Real – Day 2



    Today is the second day of the live drawing event at Fangsuo bookstore in Guangzhou.

    We were overwhelmed by the excitement of the crowd yesterday. Let’s see how it went today.


    Arriving at Fangsuo bookstore I saw a new canvas there and the yesterday’s drawing was flipped to the other side.


    You can see the first day’s drawing from the back side.

    ライブ開始1時間前。もうすでに人が集まり始めています。ステージでは、ライブストリーミング動画配信のテスト中。昨日は接続環境が悪く、なかなか視聴できなかったようなので、挽回すべくセンドポインツのAstridさんとMIKIさんがベストを尽くしてくれています。頑張って! 今回はうまくいってほしい!

    An hour before the event. Many people have already started to show up. On the stage, Astrid-san and Miki-san from SendPoints are testing the livestreaming network environment. There was a bit of connection problem and some had difficulty streaming the event. They are doing their best to fix the problem. Thank you so much for your effort! I’m sure it will work out fine today!


    Terada-san appears on the stage little bit early to the event starting time which is 14:00. The crowd gives him a big round of applause.


    Hmmmm… where should I start, Terada-san contemplates. The audience holds their breath and watches him in silence.


    After making a move with his left arm as if he is calculating something…


    Right here!


    All these happened in a second. It looks like a body of a dragon winding around a face.


    From here, take a look at Guangzhou crowd enchanted under Terada-san’s magical spell.


    After finishing most of the upper part he moves to the lower part of the canvas without finishing the eyes of an old man’s face. Is he intentionally leaving the essential part of the artwork until the last moment? This is so entertaining.


    Same as yesterday, the audience is very quiet concentrating on Terada-san’s every move.


    Suddenly, a female fan speaks out and breaks the silence. “You’re so cool Terada-san!” and Terada-san smiles.


    Before I knew it the venue was filled with people and it was impossible to take pictures from the front side. There were definitely more audience than yesterday.


    Many have gathered at the back side of the canvas taking pictures of yesterday’s drawing. This was a generous arrangement by the bookstore for the people who cannot see the event from the front side.


    I started to worry about Miki-san who was broadcasting the event for live streaming. Hope everything is OK.

    今回はうまく配信されています! 現在540人の人が視聴しているようです。コメントがたくさん書き込まれており、「あれはメビウスさんを描いているのでは?」「ただのおじいさんでは?」という議論がファンの間で飛び交っていました。寺田さんに聞いたら、ただのおじいさんだそうです。

    Today, it looks it’s OK! 540 people were viewing the event at that time. There were many comments flying around discussing whether the old man Terada-san was drawing was Moebius or not. After the event, I asked Terada-san if that was Moebius or not. Terada-san’s answer was “It’s just an old man”.



    This picture is a screen shot from the live streaming viewed on my smartphone. You can see the details very clearly. The event is approaching its final phase.

    どうかな? もう描き足すべきところはないかな? という感じの表情で、離れたところから確認しています。

    Stepping back from the canvas, Terada-san does his final review with a facial expression as if he is talking to himself “How is this?”, “Is there anything I should add?.”

    完成! おじぎをする寺田さんに大きな拍手が送られます。

    Done! Terada-san takes a bow and the audience gives him a big round of applause.


    A picture time with the completed artwork. Thank you Terada-san for looking straight at our camera!


    Once again, Selfie time! The audience bursts with joy by a great fan service from Terada-san who they admire and respect as the master and the great teacher.


    They all look so happy.


    Terada-san changes his position and took pictures several times so that he could capture as many people as possible. Astrid-san from SendPoints says “ Terada-san is such a gentleman”.


    Moving on to the signing session. This is a picture of people lining up to get Terada-san’s autograph. People in Guangzhou is so generous and big-hearted, they take a pose when I turned my camera towards them.


    Even though we have limited the number of people who can attend this session, 100 people have lined up for the signing session which was more than yesterday. Thank you so much Terada-san! Fortunately all the books that were delivered to the bookstore for this 2 days event were sold out. SendPoitns, please send Fangsuo bookstore replenishment copies ASAP!



    They are the Fangsuo bookstore event team. Thank you so much for having us and offering us such a wonderful opportunity. The team leader told us it was an honor to have Terada-san and they enjoyed working together.

    Guangzhou people are so nice, young and passionate, everyone from PIE became a big fan of Guangzhou. And the food is excellent as well!





    On May 27th, we will be moving on Shanghai. We don’t have an event on 27th so I will show report something different.

    We will be broadcasting live drawing event from Shanghai as well so be sure to check out the date, time and how to view from below link.






    ※A bonus feature

    A female with a strong gaze from Vol.3.


    She was here again staring at Terada-san seriously so I decided to talk to her.


    でも『寺田克也原寸』はまだ買ってないんですって! なんで!? 買ってよ!


    She was a graphic designer with a charming smile. She told us she has been doing illustrations for sometimes and her teacher from her art university recommended Terada-san. She said she feels like Terada-san is a close friend of her and during the event she was imagining herself drawing together with Terada-san while he was drawing.

    But she has not purchased the book “KATSUYA TERADA REAL SIZE” yet. What!? Come on, you should buy it! Well, thank you for coming to the event and hope you purchase the book someday.