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    寺田克也原寸 中国ツア~日記 Diary of “KATSUYA TERADA REAL SIZE” China Tour

    【第5回】5月27日 寺田克也、上海を訪ねる / 【Vol. 5】 May 27th – Katsuya Terada in Shanghai.


    After an exciting two days of meet and greet with Katsuya Terada fans in Guangzhou, today we are headed for Shanghai.


    On our way to the airport, inside the taxi I heard an AI speaking to us saying “According to my experience, because of the weather condition today, the flight will be delayed for couple of hours”. To my surprise the driver was using a translation application. So I used Google translation and said “Please be careful not to get into an accident” but the driver replied “The translation is not correct”.


    We arrived at the airport in Guangzhou.


    As the driver predicted, our flight was delayed for two hours… Including Terada-san, we finished some backlog work while waiting. Two people from SendPoints will be flying with us today.


    It was already an evening when we arrived at the airport in Shanghai. We were welcomed by Mita-san, a guide who has been living in Shanghai for 27 years.


    Shanghai is the city of art. I saw many murals (street art) on our way to the “Light space” Xinhua Bookstore.


    There should be a bookstore in this building… It feels like we are in a futuristic city which Sydney Jay Mead depicts.


    Is there really a bookstore here?


    The building is gigantic, and complex. I’m sure I could easily get lost walking just by myself. On the upper floor you can see the Pearl Art Museum. The bookstore should be below the museum.

    光的空間に着きました! 書店員のみなさんが出迎えてくれました。

    Here we are! We are warmly welcomed by the bookstore staffs.


    A nice advertisement of the event!


    Xinhua Bookstore is a national owned bookstore. That is why Xí Jìnpíng’s book, President of the People’s Republic of China, was displayed at the main entrance together with its multi language editions.


    It feels like we are in a library.

    おっ、PIEの『グスタフ・クリムトの世界』や『妖怪絵草子』、『Cats in Ukiyo-e(ねこと国芳)』も置いてありました。

    Oh, they have our books! “The World of Gustav Klimt” (978-4-7562-5041-4), “Yokai Storyland” (978-4-7562-5122-0) and “Cats in Ukiyo-e”(978-4-7562-4287-7).

    奥に進むと、合わせ鏡のような世界が。どうなってるかわかります? 真ん中がくりぬいてある本棚がずらりとならんでいるのです。

    Entering deeper into the bookstore, we encountered an infinity mirror-like section. This is actually a row of book shelves with a hole in the middle.


    Moving further, the event venue appears.


    Such a beautiful architecture, almost like a planetarium. Actually, “Light space” Xinhua Bookstore was designed by Tadao Ando, the legendary Japanese architect. No wonder. Terada-san was saying that it is a beautiful bookstore as well.


    A view from upstairs. Tomorrow’s event can be seen from here. It’s like an opera house and I’m already stoked that it’s going to be an amazing event tomorrow.


    何かわかりますか? そう、これは広州・方所書店で行ったライブ・ドローイングの作品です。

    広州のファンが固唾を飲んで見守っていた、寺田さんのリアルな肉筆作品を、上海のファンにもぜひ見せたい! ということで、こちらでも展示していただけることになったのです。明日が楽しみになってきました。

    Looking down, I saw Terada-san. Do you notice what these are? These are the drawings Terada-san drew in Guangzhou.

    We wanted people in Shanghai to see Terada-san’s real drawings, drawing which people in Guangzhou watched holding their breath as it formed its shape. Xinhua Bookstore was generous enough to let us display these artworks in their store. Tomorrow is going to be an amazing day.


    When we were about to leave, Miki-san from SendPoints was nailed to one shelf displaying antiquarian books. She was frolicking saying “This book is more than 100 years old and it costs about the same as a toilet space in Shanghai”. Hmmm… I didn’t get the comparison… She says “Japanese refer to Tokyo Dome when comparing the size, it’s similar to that”. OK, I’m still confused but I understood that she loves book very much. She worked in a bookstore before.


    This is a low angle shot of the “Light space” Xinhua bookstore from outside. You can’t get the whole building into the frame from this distance. But now I understood the meaning of the “Light space”.


    Outside the building there was an avant-garde water fountain dancing to the music of Simon and Garfunkel. A woman was dancing along as well. I can see that China has changed a lot and it changed my impression of China in a good way. I can’t wait to meet the fans tomorrow. To all the Katsuya Terada fans in Shanghai, see you tomorrow!




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