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    寺田克也原寸 中国ツア~日記 Diary of “KATSUYA TERADA REAL SIZE” China Tour

    【第8回】5月30日 寺田克也と祖父江慎、北京に集う / 【Vol.8】May 30th – Shin Sobue and Katsuya Terada meets in Beijing


    Today we are moving to Beijing and meet the designer of “KATSUYA TERADA REAL SIZE” Mr. Shin Sobue.



    Here we are at the airport in Shanghai. Last night, Mita-san the translator told us that “From an average history point of view, a flight from Shanghai to Beijing is delayed for 2 hours”. The phrase from an average history point of view sounds very weird (funny) to us. It seems like you can find this way of saying on the internet. Terada-san loved this phrase so much he started using this phrase endlessly.


    But against all odds, the plane reached Beijing on time. I guess we can say that this is a miracle us overcoming the “average history point of view”. But our real concern was Sobue-san. From an average history point of view he is late on deadline. Will he arrive in Beijing on time?



    Yesterday we were having a conversation with Astrid-san and Miki-san from SendPoints via Wechat like above.

    [Hope Sobue-san arraives on time]…

    [I have a feeling he might arrive on the day of the event]…

    We can see Astrid-san and Miki-san’s anxiety from their stamp message.


    After getting off from the airplane and connecting to Wifi, Sobue-san’s picture jumped into my eyes. What a great smile. It seems like he has safely arrived in Beijing. We were all relieved, but I still kept myself cautious because I have experienced publishing the book “Sobue Shin + Cozfish” which took 11 years to be published.


    Heading towards our hotel. Typical Chinese architectures starts to stand out. In Beijing, the road is wide and the buildings are big.


    As soon as we arrived at the hotel, Sobue-san appears saying “Oh! Terada-san!”


    “Oh! Sobue-san!”


    “So good to see you”. The two legendary creators have safely met in Beijing.


    They exchanged their WeChat account.


    And we went for a dinner. Look at them. They look so happy. Especially, Sobue-san loves China.


    I got very emotional wathcing them walking together in China.


    We arrived at the restaurant and met Mr. Johnny Su from ZHI JAPAN whom Sobue-san and Terada-san will be having a talk event with tomorrow.


    What an amazing garden.


    Hey! It’s a Chinese style round table. How cool is that!


    Nihao! Nihao! The man on the left hand side is Su-san.


    Ganbei! (Cheers in Chinese) A woman standing next to Sobue-san is Chi-san. She is a graphic designer and she will be the translator for the event tomorrow.



    This is so nice! Chao Hao Chi! (meaning super delicious in Chinese).

    Things get crazy when Sobue-san is with us. Actually he knows a bit of Chinese.


    Sobue-san and Terada-san kept taking pictures of all the dishes being served.


    Whenever I made my move to take a picture, they stopped me saying “You’re in the way Mr. president!”

    Of course, they want to take a good shot as well.


    “I’ve BEAN thinking of you!” Sobue-san makes puns in Japanese every time the dishes were served. But too bad it’s impossible for our Chinese friends to understand his joke.


    Miki-san was the only one who was laughing at Sobue-san’s pun because she could understand Japanese. She tried her best to explain to her colleagues what is so funny about the pun. Well I know it’s very awkward to be explained what is so funny about jokes… It must have been tough for her being in that position. Hope tomorrow will not be a pun talk.


    Beijing dialect has a strong “R” sound which sounds bit rough. But people in Beijing are very heart-warming. People in Shanghai speaks smart in a bit dry tone. Maybe it’s similar to how people on Tokyo and Osaka speak.


    And to Sobue-san who was has been entertaining the whole time…


    We have a surprise for you!

    ハッピバースデ~トゥ~ユ~! 実はつい先日、祖父江さんは還暦を迎えたばかりだったのです。おめでとう~!とみんなに祝福され、

    Happy birthday! Sobue-san just turned sixty years old a few days ago.

    Everyone greets him and…


    A noodle called 「長寿麺」(longevity noodle) was served. Oh yes! I’m going to live long!


    It was a wonderful night.


    After dinner we went to the event venue to check out the place.


    The event will be held at this bookstore called Yan Ji You, located inside the huge mall in Wangfujing, one of Beijing’s popular shopping area.


    They just opened a year ago. A beautiful and stylish bookstore.


    They carry knick-knacks as well. It seems like they found something interesting. The two legendary creators checking out paintings in a bookstore in China. This is such a precious moment.


    Oh, they have our “Hokusai Manga”.


    Sobue-san started to search for a Chinese version of “Botchan” (by Soseki Natsume) which he has been collecting on a regular basis.




    Terada-san was looking for “Journey to the West” with illustrations. Well, in the end we all love books so we couldn’t make ourselves leave until the closing time.

    It’s our last event tomorrow on this China tour. The event will be broadcasted live via BiliBili. What is going to happen in one of the biggest cities in the world? See you tomorrow!

    Some footage of this tour will be uploaded on Weibo later on. Please check below for more details.