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    Asami Kiyokawa Stitch Stories Himitsu

    Price : ¥2,800
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    This is the second comprehensive collection of latest art works by Asami Kiyokawa, who is the hottest female artist in Japan. Since her debut, she has been involved in various works using handicraft techniques; with the materials of threads, textile and sequins. This title includes many art works selected from her long-term project ‘BIJO SAISHU’ (literally means: Hunting Beautiful Ladies) as well as her recent exhibition ‘DANSHI’ (Men in Threads) both of which are the series of portraits with her unique decoration of embroideries and collages featuring cool actors and beautiful actresses. Also, many other works including ads or product designs in collaboration with famous brands such as Audi or Sanrio, spatial design of department stores, and book designs for children are also covered in this title. Not only those works but the original ideas or the processes of each art work are also introduced in this book, just like revealing the ‘secret’ part of herself.

    Profile of Asami Kiyokawa:
    Born in 1979 and graduated from Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo. She started to create art works
    with using handicraft techniques which make her works very unique and gorgeous while she was
    involved herself in fashion model. Recently she diversifies herself into various fields such as
    interior design, product design and so on. She won the prize of VOGUE JAPAN Women of the
    Year (2012).
    • Size:242mm×198mm
    • Pages:228 Pages(Full color)
    • Binding:Hardbound
    • Publisher:PIE International
    • ISBN:978-4-7562-4477-2 C0072
    • Author:Asami Kiyokawa

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