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    About us


    • Company Name

      PIE International Inc.

    • Foundation

      July 19, 1971

    • Capital

      36 million yen

    • President

      Hiromoto Miyoshi


    2-32-4 Minami-Otsuka Toshima-ku Tokyo,
    170-0005, JAPAN


    • International Division (World Distribution and Foreign Rights)

      E-mail international@pie.co.jp

      TEL +81 3-5395-4818
      FAX +81 3-5395-4830

    • Editorial Division (Submission of Works)

      E-mail editor@piebooks.com

      TEL +81 3-5395-4820
      FAX +81 3-5395-4821

    Publishing Categories

    1. Design
    2. Art & Japanese Culture
    3. Photography
    4. Craft & Lifestyle
    5. Children's Book
    6. Comic Art & Manga


    • July 1971

      Eiyusha, an English language education publisher and the predecessor, founded

    • August 1985

      PIE BOOKS founded

    • May 1987

      PIE BOOKS published its first title

    • November 2008

      Eiyusha changed its corporate name to PIE International and collaborated with PIE BOOKS

    • January 2017

      Merged with PIE BOOKS, operating as the surviving company

    • May 2017

      30th anniversary of PIE brand

    The PIE Story

    “PIE,” which stands for Pretty, Impressive, Entertaining, was launched by Shingo Miyoshi, Chairman, as his own publishing brand specializing in visual books in 1985. Before he started PIE, Miyoshi was active as a graphic designer, and, through his work, had gathered together various graphic works such as advertisements from around the world to use as reference materials for his own designs. Looking over these materials one day, he thought, “These materials look too good to be used just for my own reference; it seems a shame that other graphic designers don’t have access to this collection, too. I should find a way to share them. If I were to edit and publish these graphic works as a book, the book would definitely help more graphic designers in their own design assignments.” It was based on this initial idea that Miyoshi started his publishing business.

    Essential to this idea is the fact that commercial graphic works are ephemeral, usually only being displayed for a short period of time to a limited number of people. But published in book form, these works could be shared with more people; they would not be lost or go to waste, which would allow more people to discover the creators as well as their works. This basic idea, the desire to support creators and share their works, is still the fundamental motivation of PIE to continue publishing books.

    Creators in both Japan and around the world supported Miyoshi’s initial idea, as well. Graphic design was a common interest shared among creators internationally at that time, so we decided to distribute our books worldwide from the very beginning. Through our publishing activities, more editors joined PIE, bringing specialist expertise not only in graphic design but also various categories of visual art. As a result, PIE has built broad networks with creators and has expanded its publishing genres to include Japanese traditional art and culture, Western art, and photography.

    Following these early experiences, we have grown more conscious of our mission. The work of Hokusai is an illustrative example. How did he first become known to the Western world? His Ukiyo-e (woodblock print) works printed on paper were used as cushioning materials and wrapping paper for porcelain exported to France in the 19th century after Japan and France had signed a trading treaty. Felix Blackman, a French copper-printing artist, found Hokusai’s works and thought they were wonderfully fresh because the Ukiyo-e style was completely different from anything being created in the West, both in content and technique. Blackman helped to introduce and spread knowledge of Hokusai’s works among the painting world in Paris.

    Today, we continue to benefit from such unique aesthetic visionaries of the past, those who have helped the spread of art, regardless of borders or regional differences. At PIE, we believe we have a responsibility to take on the mantle of publishing art works in order to pass on the same benefits to the world in return.

    To this end, we have expanded our publishing categories to include not only design and art, but also lifestyle, craft, cooking, picture books and comic art. Although we publish more than 100 new titles annually, our publishing policy remains the same: we publish for creators and those who admire these creators. There are three publishing criteria that are common to every one of our titles: They must be “books which we would like to read ourselves"; they must “not be similar to books found anywhere else”; and they must be "books that will become timeless, ones that we would like to keep on the shelves for a long time".

    In addition to these basic criteria, our books should also not be just medium by which we transmit information. We place high value on the quality of printing and binding, and it is important for us to publish each book as a “product,” the result of using high quality paper, printing, and binding methods. This is why we aim to keep our books in volume form, producing something tangible that will last.

    In the future, we will strive to continue serving as a bridge between the world of excellent creatives of Japan and the rest of the world.

    We appreciate you for your continuing support.

    Core Values

    To be the bridge that connects attractive culture, excellent creators and the world.

    To share the culture and talent that has impressed us with Japan and with the world.
    To say “Isn’t this great?! How wonderful!”
    These are PIE’s core values.

    The world has amazing scenery and is full of diverse kinds of beauty, from mysterious creatures,people living in different places, and the culture that is born from these things. The towns or citieswhere we live are full of beautiful things and things to love, but we might not notice themordinarily.

    The mainly visual books that PIE publishes are the result of our favorite creators, includingphotographers and artists, designers and editors, gathering together the world’s diverse kinds ofbeauty. By saying, “Try taking a look at the world from this point of view,” we hope to offer hintsfor finding something beautiful.

    In recent years, the number of opportunities have really increased for thinking about what we canpossibly do about things like destruction of the planet’s environment, racial and sexual prejudice,conflicts arising from differing opinions, or the violence caused by thoughtless words posted onsocial media.

    We believe that the power to change people’s lives is in books. Depending on their contents, theycan effect change for better or for worse, which means that publishing is a job that comes withgreat responsibility. But it is through books that we want readers around the world to notice thediversity of the world and the beauty that surrounds us. We believe that being aware of theworld’s diverse beauty leads to respect for other people and the environment, as well as leadingto kindness and compassion.

    By reading our books, we hope that people will say, “I came to have an interest in nature and humans,” or “I came to have an interest in world culture,” or “I became a creator with an interest in creation.” We would be very pleased to hear such feedback from our readers. There is no greater joy than being able to make society or someone’s life even just a little bit better through books. It is with this in mind that we take pride in our work.

    Hiromoto Miyoshi, President PIE International


    *5 minutes on foot from JR Otsuka Station on the Yamanote Line, South Exit
    *4 minutes on foot from Shin-Otsuka Station on Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line, Exit 1

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