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    Romantic Princess Style: A Collection of Art by Macoto Takahashi

    - Paper Edition & Licensing Information -

    Price : £25.00
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    Illustrations that bring back the romance of fairytale maidens and princesses from childhood

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    This is the second collection of Macoto Takahashi’s art following Dreaming Girls. Macoto Takahashi is the legendary artist known for his romantic images of female characters adorned with roses, flowers, ribbons, lace, stars and so on. Heavily influenced by Art Deco, Macoto Takahashi’s work laid the foundation of female characters in Japanese Manga. This book reveals the history of Macoto’s artworks and the stories behind the images.

    Licensing Information
    All Rights Available
    Printed in October 2017

    Selling Points
    ・Includes thoughts on creation and anecdotes from over 60 years of experience as an artist
    ・Features young “shojo” girls in traditional costumes from around the world and illustrations of fairy tales.
    ・Makes valuable materials such as stationery designs and their preliminary sketches available to readers

    • Size:210×148mm
    • Pages:176Pages(Full Color)
    • Binding:Softbound
    • Publisher:PIE International
    • Language:Japanese, some English
    • ISBN:978-4-7562-4964-7 C0071
    • Author:Macoto Takahashi

    If you are living outside of UK, please check the distributor/bookstore who covers your country.

    Jul/2018 release in the US and Europe
    -Princess World
    -Girls in the World: National Costumes
    -Fantasy & Fairy Tales
    -Products Designed by Macoto Takahashi


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