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    Black Light

    Find World Monsters! How to be a Yokai Detective with Black Light RGB

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    Licensing Information

    Sold: French
    Published in October 2018
    Age: 6+
    Sample PDF with English text available upon request


    Selling Points
    • Printed with SEVEN colors. (CMYK and RGB inks)
    • 375nm UV light is recommended for playing with and find monsters.
    • 100k copies printed in series in 2 years in Japan.
    • The 2nd title featuring children’s favorite 200 monsters.
    • Hidden monsters in RGB full-color will appear when casting a black light.

    Become a monster detective and use a black light to find them all!
    This is the world’s first series printed with patented printing technology*. It comes with its own UV black light. Once the light hits the pages, the hidden pictures will appear IN COLOR. The main character is a boy Haruto who founds a magic light called “black light”. He befriends Ichi, a goblin boy, who is training to be a professional monster detective. Haruto meets over 200 monsters in the following countries and places around the world!

    Table of Contents
    - Eastern Europe: Castle and Square,
    - Northern Europe: Snowy Village,
    - East Asia: A Mountain Village in the Evening,
    - Western Europe: Forest Camp,
    - Middle East: Market in the Desert,
    - Southern Europe: Seaside Resort,
    - Africa: Safari Prairie,
    - Southeast and South Asia: Gayagaya Building,
    - Latin America & Oceania: Jewelry Jungle,
    - New York: Halloween
    - Appendix World Monsters List

    At the end of the book, readers can see a message from the monsters by collecting hidden letters.

    For added fun, “monster cards” describing each monster are included.

    *Luminous Palette is a patented printing technology of Kosaido Co., Ltd.
    • Size:297×210mm
    • Pages:36Pages(Full Color)
    • Binding:Hardbound
    • Publisher:PIE International
    • Language:Japanese
    • ISBN:978-4-7562-5216-6 C8771
    • Illustration: Yoshiyuki Yoshimura

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