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    Planetarium Ghost Travel
    The Art of Sakatsuki Sakana

    Price : ¥1,880
    Online bookstores

    A story of “a universe” told through manga and illustrations. The first commercial collection by Sakatsuki Sakana, an up-and-coming creator popular on social media, whose works invite you to a world of blue dreams and illusions.

    Planetaria Year 303.
    This is the story of my journey through space with Brother to find a planet where he might finally be able to sleep.

    The story created by Sakatsuki Sakana has a unique atmosphere, a mixture of philosophical concepts, such as “farewell” and “sorrow,” and a sci-fi world view realized through illustrations depicting this sad and quiet world in a beautiful, yet somewhat gentle, blue tone. This 256-page book includes the two illustrated stories “Fuminshounen tsukini iku (Insomniac Boy Goes to the Moon)” and “Tobias tachi no tabi (The Journey of Tobias and His Brother),” as well as the manga and illustrations of “Hoshi Tabi Shonen (Star Travel Boy)” which was serialized on the PIE International Comic Art website. Sakatsuki Sakana's simple yet emotional stories and illustrations will surely fascinate not only her fans but also those who are new to her work.

    Licensing Information
    All Rights Available
    • Size:210×148mm
    • Pages:256Pages(4c_128Pages/1c_128Pages)
    • Binding:Softbound
    • Publisher:PIE International
    • Language:Japanese
    • ISBN:978-4-7562-5487-0 C0079

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    Sakatsuki Sakana is an illustrator and manga artist. With the theme of “Memories of a Space Odyssey,” she depicts a lonely and tranquil world with gentle strokes. Her recent works include book design for “Game Kids in 2020: The Future Beyond,” a contribution to “Girl’s End-of-Travel Official Anthology Comic 2,” and artwork for “At the Bottom of the Lamenting Night” by the rock band Puss in Boots.

    *Only in Asia/Australia


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