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    New Fashion Illustration:
    Outfit Ideas for All

    Price : ¥2,000
    Online bookstores

    The fashion illustration book you’ve always wanted! Check out the newest title in the hit Fashion Illustrations Series!!

    This is the second title of "Fashion Illustrations Series," which shows the latest trends in fashion illustration! Forty new artists have contributed a selection of their own special style of illustration, this time featuring twin styles. While the previous edition was all about women's fashion, this edition features a more diverse range of fashion illustrations, including men's, unisex, body-positive, and multinational styles. This title also focuses mainly on works by illustrators in their teens and twenties, guaranteeing a showcase of the very latest trends. As in the previous book, we have selected the paper quality for each page individually to maximize the appeal of the illustrations, making each turn of the page an exciting sensory and stylistic experience.
    • Size:9.4 × 6.5" / 240 × 165 mm
    • Pages:192 pp. (Full Color)
    • Binding:Softbound
    • Publisher:PIE International
    • Language:Japanese, some English
    • ISBN:978-4-7562-5561-7
    • Author:Various

    For more information, please contact the distributor/bookstore who covers your country.

    *Available in US/Europe from JUL 2022

    Artist List

    WATASHINOONNA / hara / KYUKONIGO / Rina / Taneda Yuuta / Futamori Fumi / tamimoon / Kumazou / Asa / Suga / sekuda / asuka / Uriurita / DOMI / Amao / Az / Okada / Crisalys / Yuzuno / Gotou / MANOdeMARINA / Awai / hmng / Toinana / uyumint / Uhiji / Hanatsuki / Hinano / Koumori / Tinda / Enuichi / DAI / QMENG / Maxxie / firebear / Sakusya-ni / Aoki Kouri / Miyoshi Yoshimi / Sudo Sota / Hotake Fujimaru


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