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    World Full of Light: Capturing your memories

    Price : ¥2,000
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    A film photography book by 18 famous Japanese photographers.

    QuickSnap (better known as “Utsurun Desu”(写ルンです) in Japan, which means “it can take photos” is a single-use film camera created by FUJIFILM that became extremely popular soon after its release in the 1980s because of its high quality and low price. These disposable cameras are still fun & easy to use when taking pictures indoors or outdoors. Even many professional photographers tend to use them in formal situations.

    This title contains multiple works on different themes by eighteen famous Japanese photographers who used QuickSnap single-use cameras to take photos capturing their own private memories, along with interviews about their experiences using QuickSnap. The book also features many newly shot works appearing exclusively in this book. This collection is unlike any other specialized photography book that encourages you to try to shoot your own masterpieces. Maybe one day you will be the next new talent.
    • Size:148×210mm
    • Pages:160Pages(Full Color)
    • Binding:Softbound
    • Publisher:PIE International
    • Language:Japanese
    • ISBN:978-4-7562-5572-3 C0072
    • Author:Various

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    *Only Available in Asia/Oceania

    Artist List:

    青山裕企(Yuki Aoyama)/浅田政志(Masashi Asada)/石川直樹(Naoki Ishikawa)/岩倉しおり(Shiori Iwakura)/片野智浩(Tomohiro Katano)/木村和平(Kazuhei Kimura)/草野庸子(Yoko Kusano)/熊谷直子(Naoko Kumagai)/黒田明臣(Akiomi Kuroda)/小見山 峻(Shun Komiyama)/酒井貴弘(Takahiro Sakai)/ソノダノア(Noa Sonoda)/花盛友里(Yuri Hanamori)/濱田英明(Hideaki Hamada)/別所隆弘(Takahiro Bessho)/三谷ユカリ(Yukari Mitani)/茂木モニカ(Monika Mogi)/吉川 然(Zen Yoshikawa)


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