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    The Big Dish

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    Licensing Information

    Sold: Complex Chinese
    Published in December 2022

    Selling Points
    - A touching and relatable story about grief, healing, and the power of memories.
    - Emphasizes the importance of cherishing the memories of loved ones and learning to continue
    making new memories, too.
    - Through delectable illustrations of delicious dishes, this story will captivate readers of all ages.

    Discover the power of love, family, and memories.
    Ruu’s most treasured possession is a big dish she got from Muu. They spent many happy times making delicious feasts to fill the dish up for the family. One day, Muu falls ill and soon dies. In her grief, Ruu wants to put the dish away, too... A heartwarming story of love and connection through one dish.

    • Size:250×221mm
    • Pages:32Pages(Full Color)
    • Binding:Hardcover
    • Publisher:PIE International
    • Language:Japanese
    • ISBN:978-4-7562-5620-1 C8793
    • Author:Masumi Asano

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    Author: Masumi Asano

    Born in Akita Prefecture, Japan, Masumi Asano is the winner of the 13th Ohisama Grand Prize in the Children’s Stories Category for “Chiisana Botan, Puchi” and the 7th MOE Creative Picture Book Grand Prix for “Mamezara-chan.” Asano’s picture books include the “Animal Bus” series and “Toireko-chan” (Poplar), “Harutte Donna Mono?” (Shogakukan) and others. Asano is also active as a voice actor under the name “Asano Masumi” with credits on many animated features.


    Illustrator: Azusa Ishiyama

    Born in Osaka, Azusa Ishiyama is a manga artist appreciated for the warmth with which delicious-looking food is rendered in their illustrations. The illustrator received the Comic Award (Cooking Category) at the Cookbook Awards in Japan 2017 for the manga “Mayonaka Gohan” (Ohzora Publishing). Other manga include “Tsumamigui Bento” (Ohzora Publishing) and picture book illustrations include “Kuishinpo no kobutano guu guu” (Kyouikugageki), “Kyushoku-shitsu no ichinichi” (Shonen Shashin Shimbunsha) among others.


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