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    NANACO SOLO EXHIBITION is held at Gallery Nucleus USA

    NANACO SOLO EXHIBITION is held at Gallery Nucleus USA

    🌸NANACO SOLO EXHIBITION will be held at Gallery Nucleus🇺🇸!

    To commemorate the worldwide release of Nanaco Yashiro's first art book, WONDERLAND, she will hold her solo exhibition at Gallery Nucleus, an amazing art gallery located in California USA. You can enjoy Nanaco's newly drawn artworks at the gallery and limited items such as signed copies of her art books are available at the store. Also, the opening reception will be live-streamed on the newly opened PIE COMIC ART YouTube channel and Gallery Nucleus Twitch channel. Nanaco will be drawing an illustration on live and signing on T-shirts during the event for those who have pre-ordered via the gallery website. The rough sketch making of the illustration that Nanaco will be finishing during the event is now available on the PIE COMIC ART Youtube channel. Also, special gift information will be released at the end of the event so don't miss it!

    ⏬Following are the details.

    Place / Gallery Nucleus
    Date / July 15, 2022 - July 31, 2022
    Opening Reception / Jul 15, 5:00PM-8:00PM(PDT)
    Event & Item Pre-Order Website HERE

    🎨Online Opening Reception
    Place / PIE COMIC ART YouTube channel & Gallery Nucleus Twitch channel
    Date / Jul 15, 5:00PM-8:00PM(PDT)
    Content / Live Drawing & T-shirt signing
    *Nanaco will sign the T-shirts for those who have pre-ordered on the Gallery Nucleus website from June 25 to July 9, 2022.
    *Rough Sketch Making available on PIE COMIC ART YouTube channel!

    📖Book: https://pie.co.jp/book/i/5547/?lang=america
    📱ebook: https://pie.co.jp/book/i/505510/?lang=america

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