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    S vol. 82
    Cover Illustration by Posuka Demizu

    Price : ¥1,364
    Online bookstores

    Cover artist Posuka Demizu features in this month’s cover story about the illustration-making process!

    In this issue, we bring you the drafting and illustration-making process and newly drawn illustrations by Yona of the Dawn creator Kusanagi Mizuho and Yoake no uta (Song of the Dawn) creator Yunoi Chika alongside Nagabe and yomunashi, for an issue filled with appealingly rich scenery and a fantasy worldview!

    Contents in this issue
    ●Exclusive cover illustration-making & interview with Posuka Demizu  
    ●Newly drawn illustrations by: Nagabe/Yomunashi/Fū Midori
    Narano/Shan Jiang/Chakotata/panpanya
    ●Photo collections of paradises, cityscapes, and ruins.
    ●“Paradise in Tiles” by Kato Ikumi
    ●Photography by Lana Sator “Russian Ruins & Military Installations”
    ●Representations of Ruins & Paradise by Tanigawa Atsushi
    ●Manga: Yona of the Dawn by Kusanagi Mizuho
    ●Manga: Yoake no uta (Song of the Dawn) by Yunoi Chika
    ●Copic marker illustration making with Gotō Hinako
    ●Film: My Brother, The Alien (2023) Iizuka Ken
    ●Motto oshiete…♥ (Tell Me More) Nanagami Mana’s illustration development technique at Tetsuko Kōbō.   
    ●Line spacing technique with pen tablets
    ●Dochibi News
    ●okama’s fun world-building
    ●Tanaka Masayoshi’s Red Pen Tutorial: Characters
    ●How to Draw Zetto’s Sweets
    ●Nakamura Yusuke’s “graniph” Event Report 
    ●Direct Connection: Nagao Ken'ichirō vs. Odajima Hitoshi
    ●Miyadai Shinji: “For Women Who Can’t Get Anywhere Sexually”  
    ●yukacinnamon’s Showa Girly Culture University
    ●A Love Letter to Figure Skating
    ●Matsuyama Megumi: Special Lecture at TCA (Tokyo Communication Arts)
    ●Rolua Talk Show at TCA
    ●School Special Feature
    ●StarS focus Pearl Color, Eita
    ●Posted Illustration Corner “Star S” “Space S”
    ●Exclusive serial illustrations by Murata Range and Asada Hiroyuki
    • Size:278×210mm
    • Pages:164Pages
    • Binding:Softbound
    • Publisher:Tokuma Shoten
    • Language:Japanese
    • ISBN:491-0-1281-7073-7 C

    For more information, please contact the distributor/bookstore who covers your country.

    *Only Available in Asia/Oceania

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