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    S vol. 84: Cover Illustration by rurudo

    Price : ¥1,500
    Online bookstores

    Our newly drawn cover and opening feature is by rurudo, with interviews and illustration making articles.

    Also included are interviews commemorating the release of mignon’s art collection “YUMMY TUMMY” and Shuzo Oshimi’s “Chi no wadachi” (“Blood Trail”) and “Okaeri Alice” (“Welcome Back Alice”), along with features on Julietta Suzuki’s “Oshi ni amagami” (“Sweet Bite”), and Mushiba’s “Anata orenji, konomachi buruu” (“You’re Orange, This City’s Blue”).
    ●Cover & Pin-up rurudo
    Special Feature: “Adeyakana akuma” (“Gorgeous Devil”)

    ●rurudo The making of the cover & interview.
    ●Fū Midori Newly drawn art
    ●The art collection “YUMMY TUMMY” by mignon
    ●Matarō, Tamanobu, Koyubita Beru, AIKO, Abira, Graham Kamen
    ● “Magical Folklore Aesthetics” Agnieszka Osipa
    ● “Subdue Your Own Demons” Gina Harrison
    ●Manga “Oshi ni amagami” (“Sweet Bite”) Julietta Suzuki
    ●Manga “Chi no wadachi” (“Blood Trail”) and “Okaeri Alice” (“Welcome Back Alice”) Shuzo Oshimi
    ● Manga “Anata orenji, konomachi buruu” (“You’re Orange, This City’s Blue”) Mushiba
    ● Copic Marker Illustration Making with Yukie Tajima
    ●Kuretake 120th Anniversary Commemoration Special Illustration Making with Nina
    ●Illustration Making with Natsumi Holbein Artists’ Watercolors for Character Illustration
    ●Motto Oshiete…♥ (Teach me more…♥) Nanakami Mana’s Illustration Development Techniques “MOB”
    ●Announcement of the Results of the 17th Pen Tablet Art Posting Contest
    ● An interview with folklore artist Kenichi Nakaya
    ● “Newly Drawn Series” Hamusta no musuko ni umarete yokatta
    ● Kunihiko Ikuhara, TBB Produces: TEIKOBONBON x “StarS” Komorihikki
    ● Dochibi News
    ●okama’s Happy World Building
    ● Tanaka Masayoshi’s Red Pen Tutorial: Characters
    ● How to Draw Sweets Like Zetto
    ● Procreate Tutorial Tada Yumi
    ● Yusuke Nakamura x Shingo Natsume: A Commemorative Conversation on “The Tatami Time Machine Blues”
    ●Direct Connection: Ken'ichirō Nagao x Hitoshi Odajima
    ●”For Women Who Can’t Step Into Sexuality” Shinji Miyadai
    ● yukacinnamon’s Showa Girly Culture University
    ●“Adeyakana akuma” (“Gorgeous Devil”) Anna Manabe
    ●Hamu Nezuko: Special Lecture at TCA (Tokyo Communication Arts)
    ● Posted Illustration Corner “Star S” “Space S”
    ● Exclusive Serial Illustrations by Range Murata and Hiroyuki Asada
    • Size:10.9 × 8.3" / 278 × 210 mm
    • Pages:156 pp. (148 pp. in Color)
    • Binding:Softbound
    • Publisher:PIE International
    • Language:Japanese
    • ISBN:978-4-7562-5817-5

    For more information, please contact the distributor/bookstore who covers your country.

    *Available Worldwide from NOV 2024 (Asia/Oceania from DEC 2023)


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