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    S vol. 83:
    Cover Illustration by Mai Yoneyama

    Price : £19.99
    Online bookstores

    This issue’s cover, main feature and illustration-making are by Mai Yoneyama.

    This issue features an in-depth interview Mai Yoneyama looking back on her recent individual projects, including exhibitions and product design, along with the making of the cover illustration. A full-color animation flip book is included as a supplement. Also included is a conversation with Morikura En.
    【Special Supplement】Mai Yoneyama’s flip book animation “Reincaranimation”

    Posted Contents
    ●Newly drawn illlustrations by:
    D Smile, MON, Foo Midori
    ● yuko, Sushizawa, Peppermint, Marumichi, Garan d
    ● “Model Reborn as a Man Art Project” by LEE
    ● “The Art of Transformation and Rebirth” by Shane Yay
    ● “‘Hope’ in the ‘60s and ‘Dark’ Horror Novels” by Jack Ketchum
    ● Motto Oshiete (Tell Me More)♥ Nanagami Mana’s Illustration Development Techniques by “cocoro”
    ● “Phoenix: Eden17 ‘Hana’” “Phoenix: Eden17 ‘Sora’ ” Shoujiro Nishimi & Shinji Kimura
    ● NFT Project “Ayakashi Club” with Aki Akane
    ● “Pretty Cure (Precure) All Stars F” by Aki Murase
    ● “Indie Anime Cross” by Komugiko2000×Hanabushi
    ● “Undead Girl Murder Farce” by Iwamoto Zerogo
    ● Copic Marker Illustration Making with Sakurayuki Luna
    ● Holbein Artists’ Watercolors for Character Illustration-making  Illustration techniques with Natuki
    ● Drawing Tablets for Illustration-making with NASSO
    ● Kunihiko Ikuhara produces TBB: Teika Bon Bon× “StarS” Paruno
    ● Dochibi News
    ● okama’s Fun World Building
    ● Tanaka Masayoshi’s Red Pen Tutorial: Characters
    ● How to Draw Zetto’s Sweets
    ● Yusuke Nakamura: Workshop Exploration Kiri (Awls)
    ● Direct Connection: Ken’ichirō Nagao×Hitoshi Odajima
    ● “For Women Who Can’t Step into Sexuality” Shinji Miyadai
    ● yukacinnamon’s Showa Girly Culture University
    ● A Love Letter to Figure Skating
    ● Mura Karuki: Special Lecture at TCA (Tokyo Communication Arts)
    ● School Special Feature
    ● A Commemorative Interview with the Winner of the 16th Drawing Tablet Art Post Contest
    ● StarS Total Grand Prize Announcement
    ● Posted Illustration Corner “Star S” “Space S”
    ● Exclusive Serial Illustrations by Murata Range and Asada Hiroyuki
    • Size:10.9 × 8.3" / 278 × 210 mm
    • Pages:160 pp. (Special Booklet 36 pp.)
    • Binding:Softbound
    • Publisher:PIE International
    • Language:Japanese
    • ISBN:978-4-7562-5815-1
    • Author:Mai Yoneyama

    If you are living outside of UK, please check the distributor/bookstore who covers your country.

    *Worldwide Release from Fall 2024 (Asia/Oceania from SEP 2023)

    *Click HERE to download the infromation sheet



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