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    I Won’t Fly

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    Rights Sold: Complex Chinese
    Published in October 2023

    A penguin is a bird, but it can’t fly up in the sky, and that’s okay.

    Although it is a bird, a penguin does not fly up in the sky. Penguin’s bird friends say, “Let’s fly together!” but Penguin does not fly. A gorilla on a plane or a panda in a hot air balloon might seem like they’re flying, but they do not fly. Although Penguin does not fly up in the sky, there’s actually a very good reason for that. The reason is…
    This is the 5th title in the humorous picture book series that started with “I’m Not Moving”!

    • Size:250×221mm
    • Pages:32Pages(Full Color)
    • Binding:Hardbound
    • Publisher:PIE International
    • Language:Japanese
    • ISBN:978-4-7562-5819-9 C8793
    • Author:Kenta Otsuka and Keiko Shibata

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    Author: Kenta Otsuka
    In addition to writing stories for picture books and kamishibai picture plays, author Kenta Otsuka, from Saitama Prefecture, Japan, also writes screenplays. Otsuka’s picture books include: Ghost Cat (Onyake), The Cat Train (Denya), Ninja Bug (Mushi Ninja) (PIE International), Panda for a Day (Ichinichi Panda), Panda for a Night (Yoru dake Panda), Bus Trip with Capybara-sensei (Kapibara-sensei no basu ensoku) (Shogakukan), My Turn, My Turn (Okaeshi Okaeshi) (Shufuunotomo), Piyo Piyo-chan (Tokyo Shoten), No More Rolling Dung (Funkorogasazu) (KADOKAWA), Squid is Angry (Ika wa Ikatteru) (Micro Magazine) and more.


    Illustratior: Keiko Shibata
    Active in a range of areas, Keiko Shibata illustrates for books, magazines, advertisements and other genres. Shibata’s picture book illustrations have won numerous awards, including the Grand Prize in multiple years at the LIBRO Picture Book Awards for the acclaimed picture book Polar Bear Looks Yummy (Oishisouna Shirokuma) (PHP), and Bread Thief (Pan Dorobo) (KADOKAWA), which was also awarded the Grand Prize in the inaugural TSUTAYA Picture Book Prize, among other award nominations. Shibata’s other picture books include The Cat Train (Denya) (PIE International), The Little Pomeranian (Pome-chan)(Hakusensha), The Cat Who Wore Glasses series (Meganeko)(Tegamisha) and several others.


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