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    The Art of Tomii Masako

    Price : ¥2,600
    Online bookstores

    Depicting a unique worldview full of vivid colors and dynamism, this is TOMII Masako’s first illustration collection in Japan!

    TOMII Masako is an illustrator who has created numerous artworks with a focus on book cover art. This is a comprehensive collection of artworks spanning more than 20 years of painting, brought to you in a large volume, from early work as a manga artist, to commercial works, mainly book cover art and illustrations. A selection of more recent works are also included.
    TOMII Masako’s works are impressive with their unique sense of color. Motifs such as pine trees and bonsai trees, and also more universal motifs such as dogs and cats, are painted colorfully, making it so that you can enjoy them in a completely different style through her work.
    We hope you will immerse yourself in the world of TOMII Masako in which colorfully drawn plants, boys and girls, and slightly strange imaginary creatures unfold before you.
    • Size:8.7 × 7.2" / 220 × 182 mm
    • Pages:256 pp. (Full Color)
    • Binding:Softbound
    • Publisher:PIE International
    • Language:Japanese, some English
    • ISBN:978-4-7562-5844-1
    • Author:TOMII Masako

    For more information, please contact the distributor/bookstore who covers your country.

    *Available Worldwide from SEP 2024 (Asia/Oceania from NOV 2023)


    【Artist Profile】

    TOMII Masako is a Tokyo-based illustrator from Saitama Prefecture. She is mainly active in book cover art and illustration. In her private illustrations, she likes to paint worlds that mix a little imaginary essence into the everyday.

    X(Twitter): @tomidoron

    Instagram: @tomidoron


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